New Futures

My name is Dr Melody Watson.

I’m a specialist ttrpg editor, a writer and a tabletop/live-action game designer. I’m also a historian, a poet and an activist. I believe we can imagine new futures for the world, here and now, and this gives us the power to make them real.

Specialist Editing & Writing Services

I am currently available for freelance work and would love to discuss your copyediting, substantive/developmental editing, writing or game design projects. I’ve edited everything from zines, essays and blog posts through to 180,000 word tomes. If you want me to write some words or make your own words as impactful and easy to read as possible, you can get in touch with me at agnwatson[at]gmail[dot]com.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the projects I have worked on.

Not only do I have extensive experience in tabletop games, but I’ve also trained under some of Australia’s best editors. My specialty areas are academic editing and game editing, but I have worked with a diverse range of clients on personal, government and business projects.


“Melody’s work on Lancer was invaluable. As an editor, she pulled from draft text the voice we wanted Lancer to speak in, all while maintaining both the unique character of the game’s narrative passages and precise language of its mechanics. Her work was professional, on schedule, and comprehensive; as a member of our production team, her communication and collaborative praxis brought clarity to the process of editing and revision. Without reservation, I can say that Melody is an excellent editor—narrative, text, and mechanical—and her work will elevate any project she’s attached to.” 

Miguel Lopez, Lead Writer of Lancer, Partner, Massif Press