You can find almost all of my published words online. Here’s some highlights!


(2015) Blood and Honey. Liminality.
(2015) this sacred garden. Strange Horizons.
(2015) Spirit of the Deciduous. Through the Gate.
(2016) verdigris. Inkscrawl.
(2016) sympathetic systems. Twisted Moon.
(2017) mouth and teeth and bones. Twisted Moon.
(2018) immanence. Resistor Vol. 2.
(2018) celestial objects. Twisted Moon.
(2018) Kore Rises: Act 1, stillness. A Visitor’s Guide to the Void.

Fiction (Interactive):

(2015) Auvomata.
(2015) Waterhaven.

Fiction (Analogue):

(2017) A Brief History of the Dead. Halseny.
(2017) A Further Destination.


(2017) Ancillary Pronouns: (Trans)gendering the ‘Imperial Radch’ Trilogy. Strange Horizons.
(2017) ‘Candidates for Deletion: A Discourse Analysis of Wikipedia’s ‘LGBT Composers’ Category’, with Dan Thorpe. Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference 2017.
(2017) Anglo-American Discourse about the USSR, 1984-1988. Doctoral thesis, University of Adelaide.

Role-Playing Games:

(2017) WORTHY. 200 Word RPG Challenge.
(2017) Red Sisters, Black Skies. Phenomenon 2017.
(2017) LAIKA.
(2017) lonely engines. w/ Ash McAllan.
(2017) with a kiss. 280 Character RPG Challenge.
(2017) exquisite copse.
(2017) Goblin Heart.
w/ Ash McAllan.
(2018) Nascence.
200 Word RPG Challenge.
(2018) bound thusly.
(2018) Stand-Off.


(2017) Best New Designer (Red Sisters, Black Skies). Phenomenon 2017.
(2018) Finalist for Non-Digital Game Award and Micro-Game Award (LAIKA). Freeplay 2018 Awards.


(2018) Interview w/ Insert Quest Here.

Actual Play/Twitch Streams (RPGs):

Hosted by Ash McAllan:
(2017) Unladen Swallow (Scum & Villainy)
(2017) Ashton’s Birthday Megastream (Dungeon World)
(2018) Backup Street Shit-Kids (In Which We Live and Breathe)
(2018) Toward Heaven (Girl by Moonlight)

Hosted by Ben Scerri:
(2018) Doskvol Circulation War (Blades in the Dark)

Other contributions:

I have also been an editor for History in the Making, a student journal of history, and have acted as a critical reader, consultant, editor, and contributor for a number of RPGs including Singularity (2016), by Caitlynn Belle and Josh Jordan.